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Wasatch Map 1 (1966)

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Wasatch Map 1 (1966)  includes a topographic map and a perspective aerial photo of Big Cottonwood and Millcreed Canyons.  Both views are annotated with backcountry ski-touring routes reached from Solitude, Park City and the Canyons ski areas.

This multipurpose touring map is an excellent guide for hiking, moutain biking, cross-country skiing, backcountry touring, and ski moutaineering.  The map identifies private versus public lands.  Known summer trails and winter routes are suggested for tour guides.  To be safe and making a judgement of favorable conditions, consult books and other sources of information.

Maps have a 1 kilometer grid-reference in the common U.S. Continental metric UTM system and trailheads have GPS waypoints listed.  The maps come in a handy 5"x7" format, folded Swiss Army style (pull opposite map corners to open quickly). 

The Wasatch Maps include trails and routes, ski area boundaries, ski lifts and trailhead locations on USGS quads reduced from 1"=2000' to 1"=3000' on an otho-topo basis.  A unique feature of the maps is the perspective photography found on the one map side, allowing to better understand the relief of peaks towering typically one vertical mile over the valley floors.