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"Andrew McLean is the doctor of steep in Utah.  Are you tired of boring industrial skiing at the resorts? If so, take McLean's Rx and call in the morning, if you make it back..."

Lou Dawson-guide, ski guru, author of Wild Snow

"This guide will excite and entertain with it's novel routes & wit...but the Surgeon General warns, skiing these lines may be hazardous to you health."

Tyson Bradley-guide, tamer of the Wickersham Wall

"Andrew McLean's "Chuting Galler" gives solid information to the tenuous and serious adventurer skiing the Wasatch.  Andrew has the greatest depth of experience with the terrain covered in this book of anyone I know.  His attention to detail and passion for skiing serves him well in balancing the potential high hazard and/or big rewards "The Chuting Gallery" contains."

Rick Wyatt-guide, ski legend, avalanche forecaster

"I predict this book will be the bible for all hard-core backcountry big mountain skiers in the Wasatch.  Andrew is the Thrill Daddy of us all and it's utterly appropriate that he should be the one to write "The Chuting Gallery"."

Kristen Ulmer-Snow Diva, adrenaline junkie