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Wasatch Tours, Volume 2

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Wasatch Tours, Volume 2 - Intermediate and Advanced Ski Tours in the Northern Wasatch Mountains. Wasatch Tours Publishing, 1995. With Alexis Kelner.

Volume 2 covers intermediate and advanced ski touring opportunities in the northern half of the Wasatch Mountains. It provides the details needed by more advanced skiers to ensure enjoyable and safe outings. The area described in the book extends from the peaks southeast of Brigham City to the ridge separating Little Cottonwood Canyon from its southern neighbors. This book is divided into six chapters, each of which covers one geographic region. In addition to the three major canyons described in the first edition of Wasatch Tours (Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood), we discuss skiing possibilities in Parleys and City Creek canyons, among the foothills and side canyons of Salt Lake County, areas east of Bountiful, Francis and Thurston peaks in northern Davis County, the Lewis Peak and Mount Ogden areas, and the Ben Lomond/Willard massif at the north end of the range. In keeping with the philosophy of providing complete coverage of touring areas and detailed descriptions of touring routes, this volume contains more than 150 aerial photographs and 23 shaded schematic illustrations. The text includes evaluations of avalanche incidents and discussions of other dangers that cross country skiers must understand. Beyond the detailed coverage of ski touring routes and hazard avoidance, the book contains many historical references, as well as some information for backcountry users who are interested in environmental issues.