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Wasatch Tours, Volume 1

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Wasatch Tours, Volume 1 - An Introduction to Ski Touring in the Wasatch Mountains. Wasatch Tours Publishing, 1993. With Alexis Kelner.

Volume 1 is an introduction to backcountry touring in and near the Wasatch. The volume commences with an overview of Wasatch ski touring areas and where to find information and instruction. This is followed by comprehensive chapters on equipment and clothing appropriate for different types of ski touring and snowshoeing (Chapter 2), mountain hazards, including those associated with terrain, weather, animals, snowmobiles, helicopters, hypothermia, frostbite, dehydration, and sunburn (Chapter 3), and avalanche avoidance and rescue techniques (Chapter 4). The next two chapters describe numerous tours especially suited to beginners; these outings are located throughout the Wasatch Mountains, from Mantua to Nephi, and in the western end of the Uinta Mountains. The volume concludes with a discussion of canyon preservation issues and suggestions for community activism.