Did You Know? Tidbits and History of the Alta Ski Area
No one is really sure when or where skiing started in Utah However, what is known is that by the 1870s, miners, snowbound in the canyons of the Wasatch during most of the winter months, were strapping on rudimentary skis as a means of transportation between the canyons and around the mountains.
Skis back in the early days of Utah skiing were made of 12 foot pieces of lumber and leather straps
Alta opened the second chairlift in the country in the winter 1938-1939. The first chairlift was in Sun Valley Idaho
In the Wildcat Base parking lot exist 2 of the first chairs from the Collins Lift., two of the original chairs from the Collins Lift remind skiers that Alta opened the second chairlift in the country the winter of 1938-39.
At first, skiing in the area was for transportation, but before long races were organized and bets were placed
Utah ski historian Alan Engen has said that these early skiers could reach speeds of 80 mph. Stopping and turning were a completely different story
Alf's Restaurant at the base of the Sugarloaf Chairlift has a historical timeline of Alta displayed in the restaurant.
The Wasatch Mountain Club, formed in 1912, was one of the first organizations to promote skiing in Utah
In 1915 the Norwegian Young Folks Society was formed